Resources for Educators

In addition to our workshops, we aim to offer a collection of resources that investigate poverty's impact on learning, the power of mindfulness in the classroom, and other related topics.

These lists will be updated regularly, with the most recent edit date noted below. We welcome suggestions; contact us if you'd like to see something added.

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Podcasts & Podcast Episodes


Fiction & Non-fiction Books for Students

We all have students who go through school feeling shame and rejection due to life circumstances. Stories can help students feel more connected to school and their peers, and can be used as a catalyst for powerful class discussions.

Looking for a book on a specific poverty / trauma related topic to read with your students? Our collection is currently sorted by grade level.

Poverty / Trauma book list

You can view the list by clicking the link above. If you'd like to sort it differently, you can manipulate it by getting a copy for yourself. Try:
File --> Download As .xls (Microsoft Excel) or
File --> Make a Copy